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Over 20 years of international experience in masonry fireplaces, gives us the basic to saticfy our customers not just with words, but with the quality of our work and service. 

Based in Manitoba, our working area goes from Thunderbay, Ontario to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Individual imaginations are welcome. We love to help you to make your sweet home to an even sweeter place. 

All works come with a 5 year warranty

Jakob Dik


David Dik


“Growing up in a small village, connected to craft work, I first started to work in a big business where I felt trapped very fast. Through a friend I came back to work as a craftman and immediately fell in love with it. I learned how to do all kind of masonry fireplaces and was installing them all over Europe.

I was fascinated by the quality and view of the natural stone, of the Tulikivi company. From 1997 to 2000 I was installing just Tulikivi fireplaces. After the company, I worked for, relocated to Austria, I became a sup contractor for different companies, installing their fireplaces. I came in touch with other products like: Cava, Kivi, Tulikivi, Willach, Soapstone Hann and various tiled stoves.

I got my Tulikivi certificate in Frankfurt (Germany) and Cava in Austria.

When my Son grew up, I started my own business. We decided to work for just a couple companies, that I was satisfied and convinced with their quality. 

I´m glad to announce the 20th “masonry fireplace” anniversary with my son David. Realizing that my grandfather whom i never had known, always worked with masonry fireplaces and I as his grandchild can pass it to his Great-grandchildren.”